Scan the above QR code to download the LOA app. Android users can directly install the app with the APK file, while iOS users will need to install through Testflight.
Friendly Reminder: If you have participated in our past Alpha Tests, you need to uninstall the previously downloaded LOA app before installing the latest app version for Alpha Test 4. For iOS users, please click “Stop Testing” in Testflight first, and use the new link/QR code to participate in the test.
Launch the LOA app and click “Web3Auth” to sign in.
You can use third-party login methods such as Google. For Android users, you can log in directly using your email address (you will need to approve the login in your mailbox).
Enter your Alpha Test Code and click “OK” to process. Please contact your Squad Leader if you have not received your code yet.
If you see this loading screen, congratulations! Enjoy your journey in Legend of Arcadia.
Download “Sui Wallet” (, create a wallet, and switch to Sui Testnet.
Return to the homepage, select “Request Testnet SUI Tokens”, and you will receive 1 SUI token for gas fees.
Open the LOA app and check your profile. Copy the wallet address here, then send the Testnet SUI tokens you just received to this address. This will ensure that you have enough gas to open the Gacha Balls.
Click “Marketplace” in LOA app, or visit to access the LOA Marketplace.
Click “Connect Wallet” and login with the same method you used for LOA app login.

Go to [Gacha Ball] in [My Assets] to check your Gacha Balls.

Once you click “Open” and process, you’ll be able to get the Gacha Balls and obtain your NFT heroes on the test network. From there, you can begin your journey!

Ranking Squad Name Toal $ARCA Obtained
Ranking Squad Name Toal $ARCA Obtained
Ranking Squad Name Toal $ARCA Obtained
Ranking Squad Name Toal $ARCA Obtained
Ranking User ID Address Total $ARCA Obtained $Sui Rewards
Ranking Squad Name Total $ARCA Obtained $Sui Rewards

The Squadopoly Event

Dear Arcadians,
Dear Arcadians,
First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the players who participated in the LOA Alpha Test 4.0! We are thrilled to see everyone actively engaging in the game testing and providing valuable feedback.
Through this test, we have identified various technical issues and potential problems. We have discovered that there are technical issues in smart contracts during this test, which have resulted in a small number of players being unable to claim airdrops successfully. We are working closely with the Mysten Labs team to investigate this matter. Both the LOA and Mysten Labs teams are committed to addressing the existing technical and contract issues promptly.
Based on your feedback on the new version of LOA, we have already begun making adjustments to the game, striving for perfection with each test iteration.
In order to provide a smoother and high-quality gaming experience, We’re Hitting the Pause Button On Our Servers at 4:00 UTC on Jury 20th for Some Important Pimping-Up to be repaired and promoted by the LOA system. The shutdown and reopening of the servers will occur this week, and the specific time will be notified separately. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Before the server shutdown is confirmed, you can still log in to LOA and continue to experience the game. However, game points will not be counted towards the final prize pool.
We will announce the reopening time for Squadopoly after the system repairs. Please stay tuned to our Discord group and Telegram channel for more information.
In order to show our appreciation for all the support from LOA players, the team has decided to provide the following rewards to all players participating in this test:
  1. Players who created an account with an activation code since July 17th will receive a personal reward of 4 $Sui (rewards will be distributed within this week)
  2. Players who have accumulated more than 5 hours of gameplay since July 17th will receive an LOA Witness Pass reward
  3. After the reopening, the 50 teams will receive an additional guaranteed reward of 10 $Sui. The top 20 teams in the voting ranking will also receive an additional reward of 10 $Sui.
  4. After the reopening, the originally planned 3-day VIP acceleration card will be automatically upgraded to 6 days.
  5. After the reopening, in addition to the planned 4 Elite, 4 Epic, and 2 Legendary Gacha Balls airdrop on the 1st day, there will be an additional daily airdrop, including 2 Elite, 2 Epic, and 2 Legendary Gacha Balls, until the end of this Alpha Test. We wish everyone good luck in obtaining more SSRs!
Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to Mysten Labs and the support and promotion from Sui. Sui is an emerging, dynamic, and promising blockchain. Its technical parameters continue to develop and innovate over time, directly shaping its unique and powerful underlying support. Our technical team has been studying and understanding its various features and advantages, continuously optimizing the smart contracts in the game to make the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.
Once again, we thank all the players for their trust and support in this game. Let’s look forward to a more exciting LOA world together, and we hope to continue witnessing the heroic endeavors of all of you in the game!
Legend of Arcadia Team