A: Legend of Arcadia is a free-to-play, play-to-earn strategy casual action card game that combines traditional game development technology and blockchain technology, built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).
The fantastic game universe of LOA is centered on a fictional colony of small, toy-like, humanoid creatures-toy heroes (in-game playable NFT characters). Players aim to collect and raise different kinds of toy heroes and get rewards through gameplay.
A: Inspired by RPG games such as Hero Wars and AFK Arena, Legend of Arcadia uses a real-time battle mechanism.
First of all, you need at least one hero to start the game. For those new players, we will provide them with some free heroes to get started.
Both players have five stands for their heroes. Before the game starts, you need to choose one to five heroes to form a team and put them in the stands according to the lineup of the opponent. After entering battle, heroes will attack and use their basic skills automatically. After the Rage Gauge of a hero is filled and the avatar starts to flash, you can click the hero’s avatar to release the Ultimate skill.
In addition, you should take into consideration the relationship of different factions and place heroes of different classes in different stands to get the most out of them. With a total of 8 classes of heroes, 6 different factions, and more than 200 skills, countless tactical combinations are waiting for you to try.
Yes, Legend of Arcadia is a free game to play. For those new players, we provide them with free heroes to start with, even though they are not NFT and can’t be traded in the marketplace.
A: In short, NFT is the non-fungible token, which means every one of them is a non-fungible asset with unique value and can be traded freely in the marketplace.
A: Collecting new heroes is a significant part of Legend of Arcadia. Blind boxes are the way for players to obtain new heroes.
In Legend of Arcadia, there’re several ways for players to get blind boxes:
  1. Use coupons to exchange a blind box.
  1. Spend $ARCA to buy blind boxes from the Gashapon Machine.
  1. Purchase blind boxes from the marketplace.


A: ARCA is the governance token of Legend of Arcadia and one of the in-game incentive rewards. In Legend of Arcadia, players can earn ARCA tokens by playing the game.

A: FABL is the in-game currency of Legend of Arcadia, and serves as the native in-game currency generated as rewards in the game. Players can earn FABL by playing various game modes and completing daily missions.
A: There are many ways to earn tokens in Legend of Arcadia:
1)Participate in the Arena and win to get the leaderboard prizes
2)Challenge the Dungeon and defeat the elite enemy
3)Complete the mainline stage in-game
4)Collect NFTs and sell them on the marketplace
5)Craft equipment of more rare quality and sell them in the marketplace
6)Place a bet on Arena and win to get rewards(Coming soon)


A: According to their weapons, heroes in Legend of Arcadia are divided into 8 classes. Heroes of every class have their own characteristics and specialties.
For example, with high melee attacks, fighters are skilled at piercing through the enemy’s lineups.
Bastions are the strongest shield on the battlefield since they have the highest defense in Legend of Arcadia.
Archers can take the head of the enemy general among the thousands of troops for they have exact ranged attack ability.
For more details about classes, you can find them at this link.

A: In Legend of Arcadia, players need to strengthen their heroes in order to progress in the game while at the same enhancing the value of their heroes.
By costing a certain amount of tokens and sacrificing other heroes in stocks, players can promote their heroes’ additional attributes.
A: In Legend of Arcadia, by costing a certain amount of tokens and consuming other heroes in stocks, players can change their NFT heroes’ appearance.
There are two options for NFT Makeover: Body Parts(including head, body, legs, and hands) and Face Parts(including eyes, nose, and mouth).



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